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Akhal-Teke Association of America (ATAA)
Akhal-Teke Society of America (ATSA)
American Dartmoor Pony Association (ADPA)
American Kerry Bog Pony Society (AKBPS)
American Livestock Breeds Conservancy (ALBC)
American Cream Draft Horse Association (ACDHA)
Appalachian Purebred Gaited Horse Assoc. (APGHA)
California Vaquero Horse Association (CVHA)
Canadian Horse Assoc Rocky Mountain District (CHARMD)
Canadian Horse Breeders Association (CHBA)
Canadian Horse Heritage and Preservation Society (CHHAPS)
Carolina Marsh Tacky Breeders Association
Caspian Registry Services (CRS)
Caspian Horse Society of the Americas (CHSA)
Cleveland Bay Horse Society of NA (CBHSNA)
Corolla Wild Horse Fund (CWHF)
Coyote Canyon Caballos del Anza Inc (CCCDA)
Dales Pony Association of North America (DPANA)
Dales Pony Society of America (DPSA)
Dartmoor Pony Registry of America (DPRA)
Dartmoor Pony Society of America (DPSA)
Exmoor Pony Enthusiasts (EPE)
Fell Pony Society and Conservancy of the Americas (Conservancy)
Florida Cracker Horse Association (FCHA)
Foundation for the Shackelford Horses
Friends of the Mountain Pleasure Horse
Gotland-Russ Assoc of NA (GRANA)
Heritage Discovery Center Rancho Del Sueno - Wilbur Cruce Horses
Highland Pony Enthusiast Club of America (HPECA)
Irish Draught Horse Conservancy (IDHC)
Irish Draught Horse Society of NA (IDHSNA)
Kentucky Educational Equine Programs (KEEP)
Kentucky Horse Council (KHC)
Kentucky Horse Park (KHP)
Kerry Bog Pony Co-Operative Society (IRELAND)
The Lippitt Club
The Lippitt Morgan Horse Registry
Moorland Mousie Trust/Exmmoor Pony Centre (UK)
Mountain Pleasure Horse Association (MPHA)
National Pony Society of America (NPSA)
Newfoundland Pony Society (CANADA)
North American Caspian Society (NACS)
Rare Breeds Canada (RBC)
Ravenseyrie Sorraia Mustang Preserve (CANADA)
Santa Cruz Sunshine Horse Sanctuary
Scottish Highland Pony Society of NA (SHPSNA)
Silva Project - Skyros Pony (Greece)
Swedish Gotland Breeders Society
The Lippitt Club, Inc (TLC)
The Lippitt Morgan Horse Registry, Inc (TLMHR)
U.S.A. Clydsdale Preservation Foundation
Virginia Wild Horse Rescue - Bankers
Wild Ark - Abaco Barbs (Bahamas)

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